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Reviews of Paradise Kiss and Chibimono

   CHIBIMONO             Chibimono: Chibi no Mononoke, “Little Supernatural Being”  • Mizuo Shinonome • Infinity Studios (2007) • Futabasha (Comic High!, 2005–2007) • 3 volumes • Moe, Comedy • 13+              Young Wakana, a cute junior high student, moves to the countryside where one day she stumbles across a tiny crying girl, no larger than […]

Air Pollution Linked To Diabetes

Exposure to air pollution, a new study finds, may raise glucose intolerance, a precursor of diabetes. German researchers found the effect particularly powerful because of abnormally high blood sugar levels in people who are already considered prediabetic,. The study, in Diabetes, used data on 2,944 folks in and around Augsburg, Germany, monitoring their glucose levels […]

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