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Advanced Professional Recorder for Digital Transcription

The Olympus DS-5000iD device encased in a sturdy black metal body is sure to give its competitors a run for their money as its features answer the demands of any dictation and digital transcription task.

Here are reasons why I chose this over other dictation and digital transcription products in the market:

Simple operation – You’ll never miss a moment as this device features a slide switch which gives easy and fast access to the most frequently utilized functions. In addition, the navigation and smart buttons can be readily found on the front center of the recorder which makes data input and its general usage totally uncomplicated.

Comments and annotations function – Don’t let ideas get lost. This device is capable of attaching a maximum of 32 verbal annotations per recording file. At the same time, its verbal comment function can give supplementary information to a dictation file enabling digital transcriptionists to come up with excellent output.

Multiple language support – Whether you’re proficient in English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French or German, this recorder ensures that you won’t get confused in its operation by having an option to use one’s language of choice.

Excellent dictation software – The Olympus DS-5000iD runs on the user-friendly DSS Player software which makes collecting, annotating and extra handling of recordings essentially no sweat. Furthermore, it also works as an MP3 decoder and supports various media file formats such as DSS Pro, DSS, WMA and WAV.

Advance security feature – There is no need to worry for unauthorized playback or broadcast of confidential recordings. These are kept securely in this device by an encrypted fingerprint biometric lock function which means no one else can access with the device except you.

Long battery life – You’ll never get frustrated with its rechargeable 28-hour battery life.

Truly a cut above other digital recorders in the market, the Olympus DS-5000iD does not only make recording easier but more secure as well. Certainly, it is one efficient companion you’ll want to have around.


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