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Cebu: The Enchanting Beauty of What It Offers

Cebu is typically known for its beautiful beaches and fascinating wonder that is evident in its nature.

As an addition to your itinerary, you can enjoy the City by its modern shopping malls, restaurants, and bars that made the place as a fascinating tourist destination. Not just that, those things are not just the only things you can be excited about the place, its enchanting historic places boasts a number of interesting old buildings and will make you love the place more than just the beauty through its nature.

Many of the attractions in Cebu are dated from the 18th century when Cebu is still a colony of Spain. People can explore forts, colonial houses, and the church which are good for photographs and memories.

Basilica of Santo Niño

The famous church also knows as the Church of the Holy Child (Santo Niño) that contains the historical statue of the child Jesus given by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan to Queen Juana and Rajah Humabon. It also houses an informative museum. The Basilica can be reached from major hotels in Cebu.

Magellan’s Cross

Located just right next to the Basilica of Santo Niño, this cross was put by Ferdinand Magellan in 1521 and started the birth of Christianity in the Philippines, 400 of the followers of the Rajah Humabon are baptized, making them the first Christians in the country. This place can be reached by taxis from any major hotels.

Rizal Museum and Library

This place has become the home of an extensive collection of paintings, sculptures, and other artifacts. The owner of the museum who happens to be one of the famous families in Cebu donated the most of the exhibits here. Both theater and productions are regularly held on the upper floor of the building.

Never miss these places in Cebu! Enjoy and unwind as you feed your mind with the historical knowledge of the place.

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