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The Essence Of DNA Sibling Testing

DNA sibling testing can establish whether the relationship is a half sibling or full sibling relationship. Experts recommend that before conducting this test, you have at least one common parent available. This is to increase the authenticity of the analysis results. Sibling testing is especially useful if either of the parents or both parents are not available for testing.

Types Of DNA Sibling Testing

Basically, two types of DNA sibling testing exist. The first one is to determine whether the testing parties are full siblings – that is they have the same mother and father. If you want to read the reviews of an expert then you may also take a look at http://upstatednatesting.com/ online.

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The other type is for finding out if the two people doing the test have a common parent. Two people may know that they have different mothers. If they want to find out if they share a common father, half siblingship testing can help them establish this.

How Is DNA Sibling Testing Performed?

Conducting this kind of test is a very straight forward process that is akin to most of the other DNA tests such as paternity testing. The DNA test sample is collected using test swabs that are inserted inside the mouth of the client to collect cells from the cheek.

After the legal regulatory procedures such as signing of the consent forms have been completed, the samples are sent to the DNA testing center for the analysis to begin.

Just like most normal DNA testing, results are usually available with 3 – 5 business days, unless there are external circumstances that may warrant the tests being done for longer periods.

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