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Top 3 Herbs Used In Natural Remedies


Natural remedies have been in this world for a long time. Every society found its own ways to deal with bodily problems by using herbs that grew near them. Nowadays, one can still try these natural remedies at home by using these easily available herbs on a daily basis. Below is a list of top three herbs that are used in these natural remedies

1. Ginger

Nausea during pregnancy or post-surgery can be quenched using ginger. You can try making frozen ginger chips by first putting ginger in hot water can them freezing it in ice cube trays.

2. Aloe vera

You might have burnt your fingers in the kitchen at some point in time. Reduce the inflammation by applying aloe vera to the skin. It acts as a second skin, protecting the burn from air. You can even use aloe vera on your face to brighten up the skin and in your hair as a conditioner. You can even have your own supply of Aloe vera by growing it in a little pot in your kitchen.

3. Black tea

Black tea can be an easy fix for smelly feet. You can soak your feet in strong cool black tea for around thirty minutes it will kill all bacteria and close the pores in your feet. Black tea is also used in several natural therapy courses in Sydney.

Therefore, you can easily find these herbs everywhere. Use them in your natural remedies and see the desired change.

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