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Use Stun Gun Flashlight For Self-Defense

The stun gun flashlight is a powerful flashlight combined with a stun gun, which means that it doubles as a time-tested method of personal defense.

When it comes to self-defense, stun guns are second only to pepper sprays in terms of overall popularity. Stun gun flashlights are growing in popularity because of their flexibility in doing multiple things.

They can be used as a regular flashlight, which is something everyone should always have in your car anyway. Some of them are equipped with a flashing red light, which can be used to alert or signal others. You can also find a retailer via https://guarddog-security.com/  to buy self-defense products at affordable price.

Let's discuss the flashlight first. This is one of the functions, and hopefully the only, you will ever have to really use. There isn't much to talk about. It's a flashlight. It helps people that can't see in the dark which to my knowledge is just about everyone except bats and actually they are using sonar. So unless you have the ability to see in the dark or are a bat yourself you can always use a flashlight.

The flashlight can be used with one hand only, so it is very easy to use. The batteries can be replaceable or rechargeable. The batteries run for a long time, but if your flashlight's battery dies, all you have to do is invest in new batteries, or recharge them if they are rechargeable.

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